Nugo, the app for traveling (without car) with just one click

Plan an entire smartphone journey combining and integrating public, collective and shared transport: trains, subways, buses, ferries, car and bike sharing, taxis and car parking in the railway station car parks. You can do it with a few touches on your phone or tablet thanks to Nugo , a startup that promotes integrated collective mobility from the beginning to the end of a journey.

The new application unifies all the phases of the travel purchase and provides the schedules of about 400 carriers of different modes of transport, 50 of which can already be purchased. A week from the launch of the app there are already about 14 thousand downloads from the Android and iOS stores .

The goal is to make it possible to no longer use the private car to reach the destinations, for work, leisure and tourism, through the different means of shared transport and concretizing modal integration, one of the five pillars of the 2017 business plan- 2026 of Italian Fs.

In the stations of Roma Termini, Venezia Santa Lucia and Firenze Santa Maria Novella there are already the ‘Nugo Space Experience’, installations in which travelers and visitors can enter the virtual world of Nugo experiencing a sensory experience with stories of people, images of cities , moving vehicles and artistic abstractions on the journey. In the coming weeks, these installations will also be set up in other Italian railway stations.