Mendoza at the foot of the Andes mountains

To go to Mendoza, we cross the Andes. The road is very winding and runs along an old railway line. We pass several villages completely abandoned, the remains of the time when the railroad was still working. We cross the border in an ice shed several thousand meters high. The landscape is wonderful. Finally it is Francois who told me, I slept all the way. We go to the foot Aconcagua, the highest peak in America at 6 962 meters.

After twelve hours by bus, we arrive in Mendoza. What marks us the most when arriving in Argentina is that people do not look South American at all. We could as well be in Spain. And then too, what are there like beautiful girls here!

We drank lots of good wine!We drank lots of good wine!

In the heart of the wine region

The day after our arrival, we take the bus to visit the wine cellars. Indeed, the region of Mendoza is the first wine region of Argentina, reputed for its Malbecs. Once there, we rent bicycles to go around the bodegas. Drink or drive, you must choose ! We do not know much about wine, but we appreciate it. It takes a heat to burst and after a few drinks, we feel all happy. The last bodega we visit is held by a French couple who fell in love with Mendoza and started producing wine without knowing anything about it, with the help of a French oenologist.

The same evening, we take a night bus to Cordoba, where Francois will settle for a month to learn Spanish.

Beautiful view of the AndesBeautiful view of the Andes