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After a few days in Cordoba, Sylvain goes to Buenos Aires and I stay in Cordoba. We think it’s better to be separated to learn Spanish. Yes, it is our new goal before going further in South America. Sylvain, like me, knows three Spanish words: gracias, hola, por favor, and that’s all. In addition to the frustration of not being able to talk to people, it’s a real handicap in the everyday price-raising life. Example of dialogue on our arrival in Cordoba: “Hmmm. Hola, there is a free lito? No? A Chambra, No? Humm do you speak english a pocito? Yes? Ahh perfecto! ”

Francois solo in Cordoba

At the hostel (the Cordoba backpacker) I meet Erika, a girl from Quebec who is training here. She helps me look for a shared flat, she is also looking for one. Finally after a few weeks, we become the elders of the hostel and everyone knows us, from the housekeeper to the boss. I give up my research, I am at the hostel. After all here I speak Spanish a lot between Sylviana’s shenanigans because I drag my belongings “que quilombo aca”, Ivana who runs after me to pay the rent “francois pooor favorrrrrrrrr, me pagas”, but especially Victor who m ‘teaches the lunfardo (slang) of Cordoba’ culiado, that boludo … ‘, Nacho my art critic and then Sami and Carolina my teachers of particular French.

Meet the Argentines. The real ones

After a few days, Bastien (a friend of mine) introduces a friend of Cordoba who is celebrating his birthday. Paulina also invites me for the occasion at her birthday assado (include a barbecue party). I meet a whole little world of Argentinian nice people. Now well surrounded, I follow the evenings that start late and end much later: jazz concerts, Cuban zic, etc … I even see the Fabulosos Cadillacs in a stadium (huge stars here) and I partcipe a a funny festival called a penia where thousands of young people dance the Chacarera, a very traditional dance, very simple and festive, with a suspicion of Latin sensuallite and a small macho.